Urban Outpost Playing Cards

The Urban Outpost on the Frontier deck of cards is a guide to our downstairs exhibit. Urban Outpost is a trip back in time, beginning when mineral wealth was first discovered in the Mule Mountains, at the dawn of the age of electricity. Bisbee is ‘the town that copper built’, and Urban Outpost illuminates its early years, from prospecting and the first mines to the coming of the railroad, immigration, and labor unions – as this remote “Wild West’ outpost transformed into a vibrant metropolis. Urban Outpost highlights copper’s role in the Industrial Revolution and Arizona Statehood, and the history cards make it easy to understand it all – from the 1870’s thru WW1.

These cards are best suited for upper elementary grades 3-5 and middle school 6-8+, Urban Outpost is aligned with AZ K-12 learning standards for history: Arizona Studies and the 5 C’s, Civics, Economics, Immigration Demographics/Diversity, and U.S. Studies through Industrialization – all while integrating S.T.E.A.M. activities.

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