Digging In Playing Cards

The Digging In deck of cards is a guide to our upstairs, Smithsonian-designed mining and mineral exhibit.  Digging In offers a solid foundation for understanding copper mining in Arizona. As you wind your way through underground crystal ‘caves’, you’ll see the best of Bisbee’s mineral treasures.

Digging In illustrates a full century of Bisbee mining culture, engineering and technology, as well as the importance of copper to modern life. These history cards make it easy to grasp how copper mining evolved to meet economic and geologic challenges: from 1880’s underground hand-drilling through 1920’s mechanization, the open-pit mining of the 1970’s, and today’s electro-chemical copper extraction.

Best suited for grades 4 through 9+, these history cards tie-in a ton of science, engineering, math, and technology.  Digging-In is aligned with Arizona K-12 learning standards for Physical/Earth Science, Geology, Engineering to Solve Problems,  Arizona’s Natural Resources, and of course, Arizona Studies and the “5 C’s.”

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