A black and white postcard of the Bisbee trolley aka the Bisbee-Warren Railway. The signs read “Custom House” and “Cars Stop Here”. A group of four men and one girl are standing next to the trolly. The back writing in ink reads: “Car stranded on way to Bisbee”. The postcard is unused and was published by the Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, New York under the Velox label.
The Bisbee trolley line, officially known as the Bisbee Warren railway, ran between 1908 and 1928. From March 12th, 1908 onwards the trolley provided transportation for residents going from upper Bisbee all the way down to the Country Club in Warren. The new trolley car had seating capacity for forty people and standing room for another seventy-five more. During baseball games and other special events the trolley offered lower fares. After serving the community for two decades, railway era came to an end when in a public vote. An overwhelming 446 to 35 votes brought in a more efficient bus line instead of replacing the aged infrastructure the trolley line relied on. The Studebaker buses began service on June 1st, 1928. Today, the remnants of the trolley tracks can be seen in front of the Lyric Theater.
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