A sepia toned, black and white postcard of the road and Continental Divide. The front caption at the bottom left in white reads: “Road into Bisbee Ariz. Looking down from the divide -218-“ The postcard is unused, and the publisher is unknown. Foster, Thomas N Collection.
The Divide was once the main road from Tombstone to Bisbee. It was mistakenly thought to run along the Continental Divide, hence the name. The real Continental Divide is east of Bisbee along the Arizona - New Mexico border. The ultimate road speed built between 1913 and 1914 by prison labor labor. After the project was completed they erected a short concrete obelisk that erroneously labeled the road as being the Continental Divide. The inscription reads: "Road Constructed by Prison Labor 1913 - 1914 - Board of Control Geo W.P. Hunt Governor, C Callahan Auditor, U.R. Osborne Member, R. E. Sims Supt of prison, Lamar Orb State Engineer - Continental Divide, Elev. 6030 - coaches county, Board of Supervisors, A Hickey Nikki Krum, W.M. Riggs, J Rock." The winding road was dangerous, especially in winter months when it was prose prone to freezing over. Construction of the Mule Pass Tunnel and establishment of the Arizona Highways 80 and 92 gave a far more convenient and safer travel route.
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