A black and white postcard featuring the art of Ted Dickinson. The back caption reads: “Ted Dickinson Seven Years of Sculpture and Conceptual Design – opening reception – Saturday, November 14, 1987 7:00 P.M. to Closing – Marble discovered Ted eight years ago in a graveyard in a ghost town in southeast Arizona. At the invitation of Mary Ayres of Maxie’s Café, Ted will bring together at the Bisbee Convention Center the powerful figures he has released from stone since then. Ted’s conceptual design creates movement approaching a fourth dimension through the ethereal window, or door, and you are invited to enter that dimension after a short trip through Bisbee’s Mule Mountain Pass Time Tunnel. Showing Sunday, November 15, 1987 Thru Saturday, November 21, 1987 Bisbee Convention Center Main Street Bisbee, Arizona.” Betsy Thornton collection.
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