A sepia toned black and white postcard of the Spray Shaft. The "SPRAY" sign is visible on the left of the buildings in the image. The front caption at the bottom reads “Bisbee, Arizona-Spray Shaft. Copper Queen Mines”. The postcard is unused and was published by Humphries Photo Company Publishers, El Paso, Texas. Helen Bendixen collection.
In April 1889, The Spray Shaft was sunk by the Copper Queen Mining Company. One year later, the shaft was 550 feet deep and producing ore. The Spray Mine had the outbreak of two small fires on November 10th, 1902, and March 25,1903 which were put out by miners who redirected groundwater in a series of pipes. In April of 1914, the Spray was temporarily closed. When production picked up again in the Spray Mine the ore it produced was hoisted through the Holbrook and Gardner mines. The Spray shaft was permanently closed in 1940. The deepest point of the Spray Mine measured 1,000 feet and along with copper, it produced silver, gold, and chalcopyrite.
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