A black and white postcard of Employees of the mining company lined up to receive their pay at the Copper Queen General Office Building. Captioned on the top right: "91471-Pay Day Copper Queen Main Office Bisbee, Ariz” Written on the back: "Open house at old Phelps Dodge General Office Building" The postcard is unused, and the publisher is unknown. Marian Sweeney Collection.
Payday in Bisbee was a much anticipated event for the hardworking miners. There were warnings though of grifters and cheat who’d spring up on a monthly basis among them John B. Clark, Marian Moore, and Wm. Jurgens claiming dues and initiation fees for a bogus fraternal organization. The Copper Queen Mining Company made the decision that starting in November 1912, their pay day would be bi-weekly instead of monthly. A decision that was welcomed by the businessmen of the town. The following poem was published in the Bisbee Daily Review: “ Pay Day in Bisbee, The sun crawls over the old grey hills-Pay day in Bisbee.-The girls put on their prettiest frills, Pay day in Bisbee- The boys all gather and pay their bills, The good old lager is flowing in rills, The world is complete from roof to sills, Pay day in Bisbee. Everybody throw up their hats, Pay Day in Bisbee. Counter jumpers busy as rats, Bill collectors thick as gnats, Pay day in Bisbee. Everything evens at 10 o’clock Pay day in Bisbee. Business men solid as Plymouth Rock, Pay day in Bisbee. Make the old time just yell with joy. As compared with Globe, Jerome or Troy, Biggest thing I stuck since a boy, Is pay day in Bisbee. “
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